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    Senior AI intelligent workover robot adopts advanced electrical and hydraulic control technology to realize oilfield workover operation automated,it includes oil tube trips, sucker rod trips, well control, sand washing operation, pipe & rod measur- ing, pipe & rod cleaning, pipe & rod detecting, well data collecting and pipes stacking. The overall structure design is reasonable, convenient for transporting, placing and installation. Only 40 minutes for moving into its place.

    Pipe & rod grabbing and releasing module

    Drive the arm and manipulator running synchronously and can ensure the high coaxiality of the pipe & rod at the wellhead。

    Sucker rod trips module

    The sucker rod trips automation is realized through the independent- ly designed sucker rod slips and sucker rod elevator 。

    Slips & elevator module

    Ensure the safety interlock between the slips and the elevator when lifting the pipes & rods, It is an important step for safely lifting the pipes & rods。

    Well control module

    It can quickly close the well automatical- ly by the self-designed blowout preventer. and realzes the automated sand washing。

    The screw on and off module

    Control the pipe wrench fast switching between the high and low gear and regulate the pressure rapidly than guarantee the thread connection smooth- ness。

    Pipes and rods cleaning, environmental protection module

    Adopt the automatic scraping device and high pressure washing to achieve no oil contamination adhering to the surface of the pipes & rods, and use the wellhead waste liquid collection platform to realize that no liquid waste fall on the ground。

    Equipment walking operation( running) module

    The equipment adopts the armoring method(skid-mounted mode) to facilitate the upper and lower transport vehicles(make loading easier). The crawler walking system ensures that the equipment can walk(move) freely in (at)the well site and adapt to various well conditions(uneven wellsite).

    Electro-hydraulic control module

    It adopts advanced electric and hydraulic control technology to realize all automation from pipes & rods transmitting → pipes & rods length measuring → pipes & rods grasping → pipes & rods shackling → pipes & rods running in hole → pipes & rods automati- cally palletizing. The powerful safety warning and safety interlock function make workover operation zero risk, zero injury and zero accident。

    Data management module

    It can realize the management of workover operation system , the remote technical support and the remote safety control through the data collection and transmission of the data platform , than ensure the whole workover operation process intelligent, safe and controllable.

    System control module

    Gather all the control units into the control system to improve work quality and reduce operator’s work intensity

    Pipe & rod measuring module

    Accurately measure the length of the pipes & rods downhole to ensure that they are running at the accurate position。

    Pipes & rods palletizing module

    Pipes & rods placed horizontally can reduce the damage of thread and the automatic stacking device for pipes & rods can improve the working efficiency greatly.

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